You Are Awesome

You Are Awesome by Author Neil Pasricha explores resilience as the antidote to today’s broken world.

Anxiety in children is epidemic, suicide and stress related illness has never been more prevalent in history than now. Why? How can we fix it?

Resilience is at an all time low in contemporary society. Neil comments that we live in an age of abundance – no world wars, plentiful food – yet we lack connection. Meaningful social connection has been replaced with social media, texting instead of speaking, generally everyone is too busy!

You Are Awesome as a title was a little cheesy for me and slightly off-putting, however I am so pleased that I read this book. It has a very important message, revealed through 9 secrets, that is all the more engaging because of Neil’s friendly humor and revealing anecdotes.

While reading You Are Awesome it has been enjoyable to reflect on my own past and see that my strength does come from adversity. The bad times have been learning experiences that make you cherish the good times.

Highly recommended reading for anyone who needs to get of their own way of their happiness. A no nonsense receipe for building resilence in ourselves and our children. Leading to intentional life by connecting meaningfully at home, work and school.

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Author: Kathy Joyce

Passionate about reading and exploring ideas. I also believe in the power of Design Thinking to help find solutions for some of societies most challenging issues. Come and explore ideas and solutions with me.

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